I provide CAT, CBT, integrative as well as longer term counselling for a broad range of problems such as anxiety, depression, relationship problems, Trauma resolution, eating disorders, addiction, and bereavement counselling., I specialise in the treatment of performing artists, professionals in law, sports, science, finance, healthcare and high stress media occupations and in the treatment of young people from the age of 16 years. I have successfully helped women in recovery from surgery and cancer, adolescents who self –harm, parents, LGBTQ+ and people undergoing gender re-assignment, older people preparing for retirement and those in later life to prepare for their final years and to enjoy life. Click on page 2 to find out more  how Cognitive Analytic therapy can help you.

2. Equine Assisted therapy:  Cognitive analytic relational model.

If you are local or ex- military, please contact us for a free taster session.
The two-day Cumbrian stay is for people who are travelling from further afield who will benefit from time out to de-stress, self-reflect and re-set, whilst feeling safe rather than lonely or anxious. Walk /talk nature- based sessions are a gentle 50 minute-to 90-minute exercise in mindfulness and emotional regulation along beautiful pathways in which to safely reflect upon your state of mind, your relationships, and the world around you. You will also have plenty of privacy and your own choice of fine dining establishments, traditional tea shops and country pubs in which to relax. The structured walk /talk sessions take place safely along the coastline and in low lying fells.  Initial assessments are conducted online, or by meeting at the London or Grange over Sands rooms. The equine- assisted aspect takes place privately at a peaceful, professional stables. Losses and trauma can often be too painful to talk about yet being in nature and equine therapy enables feelings to be recognised and expressed safely without words.
Core issues are ameliorated within the safety of the therapeutic relationship and with choice through guided contact with therapy pets. You will gently discover how our body, as well as our brain remembers and sometimes holds unwanted memories. Hence equine therapy can help people with long-covid, cancer and other physical illnesses too.  (You will not be horse riding). You may very gradually be introduced to a pony or horse – to experience how their presence & responses may mirror and help you to manage and resolve your feelings.
Suitable for people recovering from trauma of conflict, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, long covid, cancer and for carers and bereavement. email info@stellacompton.co.uk

3. Clinical and Research Supervision.

Stella has twenty years of NHS clinical and research experience as a Head of Music and Art Therapy in NHS forensic psychiatric treatment and as an NHS Clinical Lead Specialist. She has set up and provided hospital wide and community mental health services. https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-stella-compton-dickinson-4a475311/?originalSubdomain=uk

She has worked extensively with people with serious mental illness in forensic services, intellectual impairments, young people with autism and with children. She maintains all relevant mandatory training, is ICO registered with DBS clearance through the British Association of Performance Arts Medicine. Stella has developed and trained for their accreditation, numerous Cognitive analytic therapists, Psychologists, Social workers, Occupational therapists and Music therapists. If you are just starting out Stella will support you in how to understand and reflect on your clients in your chosen model of clinical practise. Whatever your level of experience she will collaborate to help you to develop in the direction that suits you and your treatment context.  https://www.psychotherapy.org.uk/ukcp-members/supervision/

4 Music Therapy and Music therapy supervision.

Dr Stella is an HCPC Registered Music therapist and accredited Supervisor. She devoted fifteen years of her life to clinically developing a robust evidence-base for music therapy. With her team, she implemented the first randomised controlled feasibility trial in a high secure hospital of Cognitive analytic music therapy. For this in 2016 she was awarded the Ruskin Medal for the most impactful doctoral research. (Please see the publications page for further details.) Subsequently, she  has developed collaborations to publish further developments.
Her ongoing supervision and clinical practice is tailored to the needs of the supervisee. This may integrate a range of  developmental, psychodynamic behavioural, poly -vagal and cognitive analytic techniques. https://www.bamt.org/music-therapy/what-is-a-music-therapist/guide-to-professional-practice

Working with Young people.

The World Health Organisation state that Adolescence (age10–19 years) is a unique and formative time. Whilst most adolescents have good mental health, multiple physical, emotional and social changes, including exposure to poverty, abuse, or violence, can make adolescents vulnerable to mental health problems”. Dr Stella’s has provided services for both NHS and private facilities for young people. She works creatively with non verbal mediums from a developmental perspective.

Counselling with Elders and older adults with life experience:

Our place in community as well as our past and present roles in the family and society sometimes needs further validation, reflection or resolution regarding the choices made in the past and also in moving forward. In this way together with her clients, Dr Stella has helped older adults up to the age  of ninety five years old, to find their own ways to accept, grieve and celebrate all that has or has not been achieved along life’s journey, both through adversity and in finding peace, harmony and resolution within themselves and with others